About Us

At Linens.co.uk, our mantra is simple. We believe you should enjoy the feeling of 5-star luxury at home, day after day. We therefore pride ourselves on bringing you exceptional home furnishings that are as meticulously crafted as those you’d find in luxury hotels, with one aim: to make your living space a comfortable, luxurious haven you can’t wait to come home to, at outstanding value.

Our standards are high and we don’t cut corners. Our bedspreads, pillowcases, accessories and other finishing touches rival some the finest you’ve experienced, with a matchless softness and silky finish that feels cool, crisp, breathable and truly luxurious.

The secret to a good night’s sleep

With nearly 40 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve discovered a secret or two behind genuinely superior quality home furnishings and bed linen, which makes for a more luxurious home and better night’s sleep. So while we know a high thread count is important, the quality of the materials is what really makes the difference; that’s because the real thing that matters is how the fabric feels against your skin.

Uncompromised quality 

That’s why we never compromise on the outstanding quality of our materials and scrupulous attention to detail. So, for example, we search high and low for the finest long staple cotton because we know it produces the smoother, downier and more durable finish that really makes a difference to how your home looks and feels. Each item is then expertly finished to give it the natural silky fabric sheen you won’t always find on the high street. 

Affordable luxury

So how can we offer such exceptional quality at outstanding value? Our products are only available online, cutting out any store overheads and middlemen. That’s why we can afford to bring you designer-quality products without the designer price tag.

Thank for choosing Linens.co.uk. Welcome to a more luxurious home and restful night’s sleep.

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